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Clearly Obscure
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hi, i’m collie. since i’ve started writing a bit more seriously i’ve been used deerna as a pseud so you may call me that as well. when i say i’ve got a lot of free time on my hands don’t listen to me, i’m lying. what i do is procrastinate too much.

i’m majoring in english and russian language and literature, but i’d love to do something that has to do with writing and storytelling.

i’m genderfluid, but i don’t really have preferred pronouns (they/them sounds neat tho). i identify as asexual.

i’m always trying to take on new hobbies, but writing is the one that has stuck around the longest, so i consider it my thing maybe i don’t have a thing. i’ve always liked making up stories, and i spend lots of time day dreaming about my fave characters.
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